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Call of Duty League joined the wave of cancelled sporting events on Thursday afternoon due to a global coronavirus pandemic. Among the events suspended is the Dallas Empire's home series, scheduled to take place March 28-29 at the Toyota Music Factory in Irving. All remaining home games for the 2020 season are suspended as the game continues amid growing concerns about a possible outbreak of the virus in the United States.

We are disappointed to have to cancel these live events, but we have no doubt that we will still deliver an unforgettable season. All matches can be moved to a different date, but will be streamed on our YouTube channel.

As the years go by, and as standards of excellence continue to rise, we forget them and get better in every aspect of our musical art.

Students and teams compete in wrestling tournaments, where their matches and tournaments move from district to state in the respective region. In addition, districts with eight or more competing schools can divide into zones and hold an annual nude game competition to select schools that will rise to district level. Events offered for four or four additional grades can be divided into two or three classes depending on the grade level, with district committees able to set up their own departments for each grade level if they wish. In even-numbered years, marching bands can advance to the AAAA and AAAAA conferences, and marching band teams at the state level can also advance.

Students who advance to the next level of the competition will be certified and will be eligible for individual medals if they have reached at least one of the three levels of the state competition in their respective region. Promotion is made directly from district to district or state in cross-examination and team debates, where it takes place either in the district or region of that state, or in an act of play where the promotion takes place in a district, area, region and / or state. Depending on the number of teams registered and the school represented in each district, additional qualification criteria must be met, as well as other factors.

Points for the Lone Star Cup will be awarded in the same way as the academic spring meetings and championship prizes described above and include points for first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth place, as well as individual and team medals. In many cases, the maximum number of points a school can award is limited for events, but certain events also have bonus points. For example, if a team finishes first or second and an individual finishes first to sixth or third to fifth in a single event, the school will earn points at the end of the year. The academic championship title is awarded to the top three teams in each district, area, region and / or state that use the same points system, with a maximum of 10 points per team.

Points are awarded to determine the school with the best overall school in the conference. Under the wildcard system, the team with the highest - second-placed - place in each district, area, region and / or state advances to the regional assembly, and the third-best - best-ranked team from each of the three regional meetings advances to a national meeting. Points will also be awarded for individual and team medals as well as for the Lone Star Cup.

If fewer than two bands from each conference receive a Division I rating in the regional competition, a jury will select two of them from that conference to advance. The exact number of bands advancing from state to state depends on the number of competing bands in those conferences. This process is very strict and extremely difficult to break through, as each band has tried to make progress from region, territory and state.

The exception is the promotion of brass bands, in which schools compete against schools from the same conference and the 28 regions are divided into five or seven areas depending on the conference. In each region there are two divisions based on the level of achievement of the students, one in which they rank and one in which it is not necessary to hold separate competitions in different conferences. If a school in a UIL district has fewer than eight teams, that school may field a fourth team and play one game, while schools in the district that have three or fewer games may participate in the second game. If schools outside the Uil district have three (or fewer) games, those schools can register their third and fourth teams and their fifth team.

Conference schools that are approved for six or six-a-side games can opt instead for traditional penalty football. Schools must play the same sport every year during the district's alignment period, but must not compete in another sport.

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