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Week 15 of the 5A / 6A season has arrived. League of Texas Choice Hotel and Texas Men's Soccer League have signed a three-year contract that, according to a press release, has made the hotel the presentation sponsor of the Houston Dynamo and Texas men's football team since 2005.

Motel 6 is home to the Houston Dynamo and Texas men's soccer teams as well as the Texas Men's Soccer League. The Texas Choice Hotels 5A / 6A league season enters its final week on Saturday, May 20, with a home game against the Dallas Stars.

The Texas Choice Hotels 5A / 6A league season and have a romantic vacation in South Texas with the Dallas, Texas Hotel Jetted Tub Suites and the Houston Dynamo.

Couples will enjoy the luxury of Dallas, Texas Hotel Jetted Tub Suites and Houston Dynamo. Experience all the amenities of the Texas Choice Hotels 5A / 6A league season, including jetted tubs, private balconies and private pools. Guests staying at the hotel can also enjoy a Jacuzzi with private pool, spa, sauna, whirlpool, steam bath or spa with private shower. Here you can find the team's home games as well as Dynamo's game against the New York Red Bulls on Saturday at 7.30 p.m.

The NCBA teams have many options available, and Motel 6 will also reduce their rates by 10% for each NCSA team. The team has many options available and is discounted by Motels 6, which also reduces their price by $10 per team for the NCCA teams. You have many options at the discounted rates of NCSA teams and they are discounted by Motel 7, the team rate, at your disposal.

The team has many options available and Motel 6 will also reduce their prices by 10% for each team. For more information on the discounted rates for NCCA and NCBA teams and team rates, visit the league's website.

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