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Located 30 minutes southwest of Houston, this highly sought-after destination offers the ideal blend of culture, recreation and lifestyle. Because Galveston is only a short drive away, many League City families make regular day trips to the beach. This three bedroom one-story house has been flooded and maintained for more than 20 years, with an average floor space of 1,500 square feet. The League Townhouse is an ideal home for a family of four or even a small group of friends and family.

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In League City, Texas, jobs are hard to come by because of the high cost of living and lack of affordable housing.

Over the past 10 years, League City has experienced one of the highest rates of property appreciation in the state of Texas. Compared to Texas, the data show that there has been an increase of more than 1.5% per year over the last five years. Although the city has a relatively high number of well-educated workers, the unemployment rate is around 5%, above the national average of 3.3%. Although there have been some downturns in the real estate market in Texas and across the country, League City has appreciated real estate by 69% and 59%, respectively, making it one of the 10% of the highest real estate valuations in the nation.

The rising cost of living in Galveston has forced many families to move to other parts of the state, but the city is still a popular destination, with the League City Cost of Living Index at only 93.8 percent, compared with the national average of 100. There are reasonable homeowners "associations (HOAs) and fees that help maintain the community amenities. Many shops offer a wide range of goods and services, such as grocery stores, restaurants and retail stores.

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Other types of housing prevalent in League City are houses converted into apartments or other small residential buildings, as well as single-family houses, townhouses and other forms of residential conversion. League townhouses can feature a variety of amenities including kitchen, dining room, living rooms, bathrooms, laundry room and even a pool.

Most of them are in the undeveloped southwestern part of League City, where a large number of new housing developments are planned. In particular, there are several family-owned parcels on the Lloyd-Duncan-McAlister wing, which is the largest single residential development left in League City.

That doesn't mean the city wants to stop housing construction anytime soon, but officials just want a healthy mix, he said. There are plans to convert 4,600 hectares on the south-west side into a planned residential development, which Goza says is essentially a development plan that allows developers to ask the city for special consideration under the building code. Hoover said that while the city could reach 200,000 if city officials get things right, it could be capped at 175,000 or 185,000. If it is possible to single out the type of development that the municipality is facing, the cities would be better able to pay for such redevelopment without an income cap, for example through redevelopment and income caps.

If you are a home buyer or property investor, League City has the potential to be a great place for you, whether it's a new home or an old-fashioned, single-family home. If you like the amenities of new subdivisions, you'll also like what the real estate market has to offer, he said.

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