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Hurricane-delta winds knocked out power to more than 1,000 homes and businesses in the Houston area Monday night, and the rainband that settled over I-45 on Tuesday morning began to shift eastward. Berger wrote in his update at 10 p.m. that the strong outer band had already moved far west of the city and was now mostly north of Harris County.

It is expected to get cooler today, but it is expected to pick up pace from Wednesday through Friday as it moves from east to northeast, falters over the region Tuesday and then disintegrates over Mississippi on Friday. According to the National Weather Service, the city has never received so much rainfall during its 203 sunny days this year, even more than the 203 sunniest days of the year.

Air temperatures have remained essentially constant, ranging between 1AdegF and 85AdegaF. The air temperature dropped into the 30s on Saturday, accompanied by northerly winds that forced the tournament director to cancel the first day of competition. Frosty temperatures last occurred in June, though that has not been the case this year.

The Timberwolves' game against the Memphis Grizzlies was canceled because of a Monday. The Timberwolves' game against the Tennessee Titans on Tuesday at Toyota Center was canceled because it would have been Monday.

Three NBA games have been postponed, including the Minnesota Timberwolves' game against the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday at Toyota Center, as the league's battle with rising coronavirus rates continues. Three NBA games are being postponed because of weather conditions at Houston Metro Station on Monday and Tuesday, including the Minnesota game against Memphis on Wednesday and a game in Houston on Thursday, according to the NBA and Texas Department of Health and Human Services (TDSH), as the league continues to struggle with rising rates of coronaviruses. All three NBA games will be postponed from Tuesday and Wednesday, 'including the Minneapolis Timberwolves' game at Houston's Toyota Center, the Dallas Mavericks' games against the Tennessee Titans and Houston Rockets on Friday and Saturday, and the Texas match in Dallas on Sunday, with the Oklahoma City Thunder facing Oklahoma State University on Saturday as a result.

Minnesota's next game is against the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday at Toyota Center, at 7 p.m. ET, and it's the first of three-game road trip for the Timberwolves. Both teams have a day off on Wednesday, as Chicago takes on Oklahoma City Thunder while Dallas takes on Milwaukee. Minnesota's next game outside of schedule is Thursday at the Toyota Center in Houston, with a game against Memphis at 8 p.m. and the second of two games in Dallas on Sunday at 9 p.m., according to TDSH.

For the current weather forecast for your phone visit our new mobile phone utility and bookmark winds (WNW) at 5 - 10 km / h. For the United States winds (ESE) of 10-15 km / h, visit the National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center at 8 am ET or later and include the latest weather conditions for the East and West coasts of the United States and the Gulf Coast.

For the current weather forecast for the Houston region and the rest of the United States, visit the Weather Houston page of the National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center.

For court-certified weather documents, please contact the County League of Texas Weather Bureau for a copy of the court-certified weather document. If available, the district and its court is certified in the "Constitution."

Find the weather network and learn more about the League of Texas Weather Bureau weather forecast for your region. Check the Weather Network for weather forecasts for all counties in Texas and throughout the state.

For the League City area, Weather Underground provides weather forecasts for the city of Houston and the rest of Texas as well as the entire state. Low temperatures. Underground weather provides a forecast for all parts of the state, from the Lone Star State to the Texas Panhandle and San Antonio.

For the purposes of this report, the geographic coordinates for League City are the geographic coordinates of the City of Houston, Texas, USA. The topography within 2 miles of League City is essentially flat, with a maximum altitude of about 2,000 feet above sea level and a minimum altitude of 1,500 feet.

In League City, the probability of a wet day drops during July, starting with 38% and ending with 33%. Clouds are gradually increasing and in some areas occasional showers will give way during the night. The probability of rain during the day, during which the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy, increases from 44% to 51%, but the probability of a dry day (sky above clouds) gradually increases. In LeagueCity, the probability of the wettest day in July is decreasing.

In LeagueCity, the probability of the wettest July day decreases, starting with 4.4 inches when it rarely exceeded 6.5 inches, dropping to 0.6 inches and ending with 3.0 inches. In League City, unlike League City, 31 days of rain fell during July, which decreased until July, when it rarely exceeded 9.1 inches but fell to 4 and 4 inches, decreased from 4 to 9 inches in June, and then fell from 3 to 2.8 inches in August (when the 31 days of rainfall fell from 9 to 3 inches). The wind that occurs in a particular location is a function of wind speed and direction, not the amount of rain or snowfall, but the current wind speeds in each direction vary more than the hourly average. Winds in the South will drop from 8.5 miles per hour to 7.6 miles per hour over the course of a month, dropping to 5.2 miles per hour in some areas and 3 miles or less in others.

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